Rick Kearney

CEO, Nanopaper

Rick Kearney founded Nanopaper in 2016. Noted for his vision and pioneering instincts, Rick Kearney has been an entrepreneur since an early age. He started his first company while still in high school. Although he spent a few years in corporate America, he preferred to engineer his own destiny. He is currently Chairman and CEO of Mainline Information Systems, Inc., a company he founded in Tallahassee, Florida, in 1989. Starting with a handful of people with computer programming skills, he nurtured the company into Florida’s number three high-tech company, as rated by Florida Trend magazine.

To assist in the Tallahassee area’s economic development through growth of high-potential small businesses, Rick serves as chair of Vision 2020 Private Equity Fund, which represents a group of local investors focused on helping early- and mid-stage businesses grow on a national and international basis while headquartered in the Tallahassee area as well as to provide a good financial return to the local investors.

Chairman and CEO of Mainline Information Systems: Mainline website
Founder and Board of directors of Kearney Center: KearneyCenter website

More information including full profile and philanthropic efforts: rickkearney.com